Dry Needling

Dry Needling Arlington, VA

Dr. Shakya, a Physical and Manual Therapist practicing in Arlington, VA, is proud to offer a unique form of pain relief treatment called Dry Needling. This procedure is typically administered when there is a tissue trauma (injury, improper posture, post-surgery, etc.) causing severe muscle spasms in the area. These spasmic muscles tend to store excessive trigger points in the muscles resulting in increased pain, tenderness to palpation, decreased flexibility and compression of surrounding joints.

During a Dry Needling treatment, universal precautions are always followed. Dry needling involves multiple advances of a solid filament needle directly into the skin and strained or spasmodic muscle that contains a trigger point. Because the needle is relatively thin, most patients do not feel much pain or irritation and may experience slight needle stick/soreness. When the needle is expertly inserted in the muscles, the sensation is commonly said to mimic a muscle cramp (involuntary spasm). This technique then illicit a local twitch response (LTR), triggering the body’s natural biomechanical and chemical remedy for promoting tissue healing and pain relief without the use of drugs. The needle can be drawn back to the level of the skin and re-directed to treat other parts of the trigger point. By creating this involuntary spasm, Dr. Shakya is able to release the trigger point from the spasmic muscle (which keeps the muscle in a contracted state of pain) by disrupting the body’s faulty “neurological feedback loop”. Research study published on Journal of Body Mov Ther (Jay Shah and Gilliams in 2008)*, shows that biochemical changes occur after a LTR, which correlate with a clinically observed decrease in pain and tenderness after myo-fascial trigger point release by dry needling.

Used as an effective adjunct treatment for acute and chronic pain, rehabilitation from injury, and injury prevention, dry needling has very few side effects. The patient may complain of slight needle soreness for few minutes to few hours which usually goes away by the next day. It’s ability to eliminate chronic neuromuscular dysfunction, which leads to pain and limited mobility, makes it an excellent treatment option for patients seeking lasting relief without the use of opiates/pain medications. As the muscle spasms, flexibility and pain are improved by dry needling treatment, patient can focus on progressive therapeutic exercises to improve loading of healing tissues appropriately. Dramatic results of the procedure are most often felt within 2-4 sessions with the experienced Physical and Manual Therapist, Dr. Shakya is located conveniently in central Arlington, VA.


Dry Needling


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Dry Needling technique helps to release trigger points from the spasmic/tight muscles. This technique helps to improve pain, muscle stiff…

A few tips to keep in mind that will make your experience more valuable and lasting include the following:
  • Wear appropriate clothing which makes your body accessible during the dry needling treatment.
  • Listen to your body and speak up if you’ve reached your threshold. Overwhelming your body with too much pressure at one time can be counterproductive. Communication with the clinician during dry needling treatment is key.
  • Drink adequate amount of water and maintain lose mobility after the appointment. This will aid in dissipation of pain more immediately, while providing proper hydration for the body to heal.
  • Avoid rigorous exercise or excessive stretching following your treatment.
  • Be diligent with the specific therapeutic exercises Dr. Shakya recommends at home to reduce/ prevent future pain and improve function/quality of life.