Low Back Pain Prevention Seminar

Mar 24
Low Back Pain Prevention Seminar

Low Back Pain – Injury Prevention Seminar at Pentagon MMA on March 24, Sunday at 1:30 PM”

“Do you train? Do you have low back pain? Do you want to be pain free?” – Yes we can help.

We will be conducting a great educational and very practical seminar that includes common signs and symptoms, how to avoid back injury( injury prevention) with training, very effective therapeutic and core stability exercises, and understanding how it relates to training marital arts. It will be lot of FUN and interactive with live training, exercises, questions & answers session.

It will be presented by Dr. Ujjwal Shakya, DPT, DMT, SCS from MMA & Sports Rehab and William Henriquez, SPT (Marymount University – Doctor of Physical Therapy Program).