Patient Testimonials

This is the best place I've ever gone for PT- I 100% recommend it.

Calli | Professional Skater

I've seen many PTs over the years but Dr. Ujjwal is the absolute best.

Kumiko L. | Olympic Powerlifter

If you are an athlete and looking to optimize your recovery, Dr Ujjwal and his team are your best bet.

David E. | MMA Athlete

Look no further, you've found your home for recovery.

Davis W.

They got me to a place where I can do everything that other physical therapists told me I “can't”.

Cason L. | Athlete

I highly recommend!!!

Leisl L.

You’ve done a fantastic job!

Adrian W.

I highly recommend them.

Angela P.

VERY pleased with everything -- from location to attention, to quality of service -- and especially results.

Ross M.

Dr. Ujjwal not only got me back to lifting in a month but also taught me to rehab the injury at home (reducing the number of visits I might pay him for).

Brad Y.

After my surgery in September, I contacted Dr. Ujjwal. I can say this has been the place I've been looking for.

Russell S.

They helped me to return to my activities that I enjoyed pre-surgery.

Adam D.

Dr. Ujjwal helps you understand your body and how to overcome limitations as a result of an injury.

BK K. | Fitness Competitor

Dr. Ujjwal is an amazing doctor; after struggling with hip problems for about 5 years I finally feel like I can really do the things I love again.

Kristina J.

I have nothing but amazing things to say about Dr. Ujjwal. He is flexible, accommodating, brilliant, and most importantly, effective!

Margot D.

Dr. Ujjwal and Katie have a wealth of knowledge, techniques and procedures to help a patient recover.

Bjarne S.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Shakya for any and all types of rehabilitation.


While I have not fully recovered from my injuries, I am in the least amount of pain I've been in years, and continue to work towards that goal.

Mel C.

MSR really works with you to get back into fighting shape!

Lauren F-D.

After struggling with severe jaw pain and having no signs of relief through multiple PT doctors, I am so grateful that I found Dr. Ujjwal Shakya at MMA Sports Rehab.

Hannah A.

If you're like me and gave up on healing due to failed experiences give Dr. Ujjwal a try at MMA.

Haider H.

Dr. Ujjwal Shakya and his staff are not only extremely knowledgeable and skilled, but they help you understand the overall journey to recovery.

Ninaad B.

Dr. Ujjwal dedicates the entire appointment to you and only you. At MMA, you get true one-on-one time.

Rachael B. | Weight Lifter

These guys helped me mobilize and strengthen that shoulder, along with the supporting muscles in my back, and I have now made more progress in 5 weeks than I have in over a year.

Eric D. | Competitive Powerlifter

Dr. U is great -- he was very helpful with managing pregnancy-related Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Jennifer H.

I have been to many PTs in the past and Doc exceeds any that I have worked in.

Travis B. | Professional Golfer

In my many years as an athlete, I can say with confidence that my rehab and treatment with Ujjwal was the best sports medicine experience I have ever had.

Dylan R.

I wish I'd found Dr. Ujjwal Shakya earlier in my recovery.

Cameron L.

Dr. Ujjwal is one of the best. I don’t know of another physical trainer I would rather see in the D.C / NOVA area.

Tyler B. | Professional Soccer Player

I couldn't be happier with my progress, I definitely recommend Ujjwal if you're in need of a physical therapist!

Jen G.

I drive an hour+ to see him. Well worth it! I rely on his expertise and knowledge more than any physician.

Jan V.

If you're looking for a great physical therapy - rehab practice that knows their stuff and can address a multi-faceted set of physical mobility and pain issues....ALL ROADS STOP HERE!!

Don C. | Weight Lifter

Huh, why does a small, neighborhood PT shop have a 5-star average? Because they're the real deal!

Nick C.

It's amazing how much they were able to help me improve in just a short amount of time.

Ashley P.

Once you go to MMA & Sports Rehab you'll never want to go anywhere else!

Jessica Y.

If you are looking for a personalized experience with results, then MMA is the place for you. If I ever need PT again, this is where I will be going!

Christine G.

I honestly never thought I would feel relief let alone so quickly.


They know what they're doing!!!!

Jobei Wan G. | Former NFL Player

Dr. Ujjwal is the best physical therapist in the DMV area.


If you are an athletic person looking to safely bounce back from an injury to get back doing what you love, check this place out.

Daniel | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I give him my highest recommendation.

Jan M.

Dr. Ujjwal and Katie gave me my life back.

Dorothy W.

The care I received from Dr. Ujjwal was nothing short of Top Quality!! Highly recommend them- hands down!!


I like his dedication and can say we have become friends. The staff is very friendly and makes you feel you are really cared about.

Jorge G.

We will continue to seek out Dr. Ujjwal's counsel and assistance anytime we need PT.

Allyson A.

I would fully recommend him to anyone looking to recover from an injury and prevent the injury from reoccurring.

Jacob B.

I can't thank MMA & Sports Rehab enough! I started therapy with them after I broke my ankle a few months ago and am already back to doing many of the activities that I was doing before the injury.

Nick M.

Ujjwal is by far the best I wouldn't recommend anyone else.

Andrew P.

I say being discharged was also the worst part because I did truly enjoy the visits (and the dry needling is an amazing feeling) and if I'm ever hurt again, the first place I'm going to is this place.

Micheal P.

He is incredibly knowledgeable and pushes you to get better, and before you know it you will be. Best thing I've done for my body in a very long time.

John T.

The whole experience was a success.

Heidi K.

I can't recommend Ujjwal enough. I had been experiencing a gradual increase in pain and tension in my right shoulder over the course of a few weeks and finally decided to get it checked around new years.

Ryan M.

Ujjwal takes care of his patients and he knows what he is doing.

Fess C.

I feel better now. We're still working on strengthening my muscles. The exercises really do help (you just need to do them often & make time for it).

Patricia C.

Dr. Shakya's professional demeanor, wealth of knowledgable, great bedside manner

Nicole Z.

Highly recommend Ujjwal!

John P.

I am very happy to have him on my medical team as one of my cheerleaders.

Theresa E.

I would highly recommend him as a physical therapist.

Anna S.

I highly recommend this studio for any of your PT needs and am happy I found a great doctor!!!

Pamela A.

I’ve had a wonderful experience here, the whole team has been awesome and would highly recommend anyone to try this clinic, you won’t be disappointed.

Moeed A.

It is available on Sundays! My only day off! Loving it !!!

Fernando M.

I've seen subtle progress with the tools he's been giving me.

Jacolyn B.

I'd recommend him to anyone seeking help.

J.D. Walker

They take the time to listen, talk, and develop plan that works. Highly recommend all of the doctors here!

Dana Mc.

I attribute how well my recovery is going to the doctors at MMA & Sports Rehab.

Nick C.

This is the best place I've ever gone for PT- I 100% recommend it.

Ca V.

I highly recommend MMA & Sports Rehab to anyone who needs PT, you will leave each session feeling better, more confident, and more capable than you came.

Nick M.

Always on time! Thanks MSR!

Chris B.

I can't thank them enough. I would highly recommend them.

Tanya S.

Now I am feeling EXTREMELY better in my day to day life.

Ashley G.

Within 2 weeks I was walking downstairs pain-free for the first time in a year. MMA & Sports Rehab have met and exceeded my expectations.

Dan V. | MMA Athlete

If I had to do it all over again I would pick MMA & Sports Rehab again.

Jason E. | High School Football Player

Would highly recommend MMA & Sports Rehab.

Catherine W.

Highly recommend MMA Sports Rehab, especially if they want to work with people who treat you more like a neighbor or friend rather than just a weekly visitor.

Jason H. | MMA Athlete

Very good service. In and out quickly and I felt very relieved after my session.

Kostadinos P.

I cannot recommend MMA and Sports Rehab enough.

CJ R. | MMA Athlete

I highly recommend!

Josh Y.

Highly recommend over the others in the area.

Jacob H.

I would highly recommend MMA & Sports Rehab to anyone needing physical therapy.

Dimitri D.

Over the past 10 weeks, Dr. Ujjwal and team have helped me stabilize and strengthen my neck/shoulders, giving me back much of my mobility and easing a ton of my chronic pain. thanks!

Mark W.