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CrossFit/Lifting Injuries

The definitions of CrossFit and fitness involve some form of constantly varied functional movements, executed at high intensities with the goal of improving work capacity. As we strive to improve our fitness on a daily basis, we are responsible for balancing efficacy, efficiency, and safety. 

It is critical that we ask ourselves these questions:

  • What am I getting from this?
  • How is this helping me achieve my goals?
  • How long will it take me to achieve my goals?
  • How far can I push myself without risking injury?  

There is a common notion that “CrossFit hurts people,” when in reality, a combination of poor coaching techniques, ego, and incorrect form are the precursors to injury.  Crossfitters know that pushing your Fran time, hesitating during a rep that would be a PR, and showing off your muscle-up skills prior to a proper warm-up can all lead to pain, if not significant injury. We also know that, despite the discomfort, you have unequivocal will to resume your craft.

Where Physical Therapists are of benefit to Crossfitters

Ice, heat, rest, kinesio tape, and e-stim are only so effective for the passive help they provide. Instead, why not see a functional movement specialist to improve upon your current form, decrease your likelihood of re-injury, and increase the possibility of getting your next PR? Our own Dr. Jen Ryan, DPT is a Certified CrossFit Coach and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. We will evaluate the source of your pain or dysfunction and then treat it accordingly and specifically. 

We will thoroughly evaluate your range of motion, strength, stability, muscle imbalance, biomechanics for lifting, and CrossFit training. Request an appointment with Dr. Jen today.