Headaches Pain Relief

Headaches Pain Relief Arlington, VA

Dr. Ujjwal Shakya, Physical Therapist of MMA & Sports Rehab in Arlington, VA is thrilled when he can treat patients for painful, chronic headaches and provide them with the relief they desperately seek. Because headaches can be caused by a variety of factors, it’s important to note Dr. Shakya can treat those caused by musculoskeletal issues including muscle tension/tightness/spasm, cervical, occipital neuralgia, lack of neck motion, poorly functioning joints, disc pathology, postural dysfunction, and even tightness in the back between the shoulder blades. Many patients who report neck pain symptoms also frequently report headaches, and most are unaware the two may be related.  The scientific article by Dr. Page on cervicogenic headache published on the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy Journal  (2011) suggests that the combination of specific manual therapy treatments along with therapeutic exercises helps to improve the headaches.

When someone comes to Dr. Ujjwal with reports of frequent headaches, a thorough physical therapy evaluation is performed to isolate and identify the underlying structures and tissues in a lesion which are contributing to or causing the pain. If it is determined that the headaches are most likely originating from the neck or surrounding areas, several physical therapy treatment methods may be used. Treatments for pain relief may include trigger point dry needling, IASTM, a light application of pressure or manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, cervical traction, neuro-muscular myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, stretching and/or strengthening. There is no “one-size fits all” solution as each patient is treated on a case by case basis, since the origin of each headache may come from a unique root cause.

Physical Therapist, Dr. Shakya, (who holds a double doctorate in Manual and Physical Therapy) prides himself in the effectiveness of his treatments. While some patients who come to his Arlington, VA practice with a headache may require a few weeks of physical therapy to address a range of motion and strengthening issues, many patients are able to leave the first appointment without any pain.

Don’t wait another day– get help with your headache today. As headache pain decreases, life becomes easier. Daily activities become enjoyable again. The range of motion is often restored. Physical activity and alternative exercise can be resumed without pain. Recommendations for alleviating pain and home-based exercises are provided to avoid further injury.

For a complete analysis and treatment plan, contact Physical Therapist, Dr. Ujjwal Shakya, in Arlington, VA of MMA & Sports Rehab. You’ll be glad you did.