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Dry Needling

Nick C.

In 8 weeks, Dr. Ujjwal diagnosed, treated, and cured my AC joint compression injury sustained from snowboarding.

Jan V.

Ujjwal is the platinum of physical therapists...not just 14 kt gold. He doesn't just turn you over to someone else for strength-training, give you Xerox copies of an exercise program, and merely apply cold packs. He works directly on the muscles to restore blood flow and healing, uses a technique called "dry needled," (no, it doesn't hurt and is apparently used by professionals who receive very specialized training), and gives you hand-drawn and clear pictures of the exercises you are supposed to do at home. He also does taping, recommends reasonably priced equipment to use to support your progress/help eliminate pain (under $20 from Amazon), and uses other equipment that I have never seen at my previous PT's office, but that all helped eliminate the pain that I was experiencing. I was able to complete my rehab for the ACL with Ujjwal in a very short period of time.

Jen G.

I'd been going for therapy elsewhere but it hadn't really helped long term...I'd feel better that day, then as soon as I'd train, my hip would be painful immediately after.

Cameron L.

I wish I'd found Dr. Ujjwal Shakya earlier in my recovery. In the short time that I have worked with him, I have improved beyond my expectations. Dr. Ujjwal's approach to physical therapy is ideal for athletes wanting to get back to their pre-injury form. Dr. Ujjwal has helped me regain strength, focus, and flexibility through a combination of exercises, massage, and dry needling. I actually look forward to my PT appointments.

Travis B. | Professional Golfer

Dr. Ujjwal Shakya has been doing an outstanding job working with me. His dry needling and manual therapy are phenomenal. I have been to many PTs in the past and Doc exceeds any that I have worked in.

Haider H.

Dr. Ujjwal built a highly customized program and employed a variety of different methods to improve my alignment and mobility. In my case, dry needling was the game-changer that loosened up muscles that previously felt like rocks. He completely repaired my misaligned leg by methodically needling interrelated muscles. The human body's biomechanics is complicated and Dr. Ujjwal identified the many areas from calf to hip that had to be treated in order to improve alignment. Dr. Ujjwal was highly receptive to feedback and would adjust his treatment accordingly based on the results achieved.

Hannah A.

After struggling with severe jaw pain and having no signs of relief through multiple PT doctors, I am so grateful that I found Dr. Ujjwal Shakya at MMA Sports Rehab. Through his dry needling techniques, exercises, and massage therapy I have finally found relief for my jaw. I have made an 80% improvement from my starting session in just 5 visits. No other doctor was able to find the trick for relief for me, until MMA!

Discover How Dry Needling Can Help You!

Are You In Pain? Dry Needling Can Help You Find Relief

Did you know dry needling is beneficial and pain-free?

Dry needling is a safe and effective method of treatment provided at MMA & Sports Rehab to reduce pain and muscle tension, while simultaneously improving mobility.

It has been proven to treat numerous musculoskeletal issues, including acute and chronic injuries, overuse injuries, neck pain, headaches, back pain, sciatica, muscle spasms, muscle strains, tendinitis, knee pain, hip pain, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and more.

Dr. Shakya, our Physical and Manual Therapist at MMA Sports & Rehab in Arlington, VA, is proud to offer a unique form of pain relief treatment called Dry Needling. This procedure is typically administered when there is a tissue trauma (injury, improper posture, post-surgery, etc.) causing severe muscle spasms in the area. These spasmic muscles tend to store excessive trigger points in the muscles resulting in increased pain, tenderness to palpation, decreased flexibility, and compression of surrounding joints.

If you are in Arlington, VA looking for relief, or if you’d like to gain more information on how dry needling could benefit you, request an appointment at MMA & Sports Rehab today!

How does dry needling work?

During a Dry Needling treatment, universal precautions are always followed. Dry needling involves multiple advances of a solid filament needle directly into the skin and strained or spasmodic muscle that contains a trigger point. Because the needle is relatively thin, most patients do not feel much pain or irritation and may experience slight needle stick/soreness. When the needle is expertly inserted in the muscles, the sensation is commonly said to mimic a muscle cramp (involuntary spasm). This technique then illicit a local twitch response (LTR), triggering the body’s natural biomechanical and chemical remedy for promoting tissue healing and pain relief without the use of drugs. The needle can be drawn back to the level of the skin and re-directed to treat other parts of the trigger point. By creating this involuntary spasm, Dr. Shakya is able to release the trigger point from the spasmic muscle (which keeps the muscle in a contracted state of pain) by disrupting the body’s faulty “neurological feedback loop”. Research study published on Journal of Body Mov Ther (Jay Shah and Gilliams in 2008)*, shows that biochemical changes occur after a LTR, which correlate with a clinically observed decrease in pain and tenderness after myo-fascial trigger point release by dry needling.

Used as an effective adjunct treatment for acute and chronic pain, rehabilitation from injury, and injury prevention, dry needling has very few side effects. The patient may complain of slight needle soreness for few minutes to few hours which usually goes away by the next day. Its ability to eliminate chronic neuromuscular dysfunction, which leads to pain and limited mobility, makes it an excellent treatment option for patients seeking lasting relief without the use of opiates/pain medications. As the muscle spasms, flexibility and pain are improved by dry needling treatment, patient can focus on progressive therapeutic exercises to improve loading of healing tissues appropriately. Dramatic results of the procedure are most often felt within 2-4 sessions with the experienced Physical and Manual Therapist, Dr. Shakya is located conveniently in central Arlington, VA.

Does dry needling hurt?

Most of our patients report feeling little to no discomfort when undergoing dry needling treatments.

Our highly-trained physical therapists know how to make the process as painless as possible; however, some patients may still experience a “twitch response” with the insertion of the needle.

This is comparable to a quick muscle cramp or ache. The 24-48 hours following a dry needling treatment may also result in muscle soreness, which should go away on its own.

Sore muscles can be treated at home by applying ice and/or heat packs and drinking plenty of fluids.

Watch Dry Needling in action!

So, how will I benefit from dry needling?

There is a large variety of musculoskeletal issues that can be treated with dry needling. When paired with our traditional exercise-based physical therapy treatments and advanced manual therapy techniques, we have found that the vast majority of our patients achieved the pain-free goals they were aiming towards.

After conducting a comprehensive evaluation to assess the nature of your condition, our Arlington, VA physical therapist will let you know if dry needling is the best course of treatment for you.

We have used dry needling to treat several diverse conditions, from chronic pain sufferers to athletes experiencing delayed onset muscle soreness.

A few tips to keep in mind that will make your experience more valuable and lasting include the following:

  • Wear appropriate clothing which makes your body accessible during the dry needling treatment.
  • Listen to your body and speak up if you’ve reached your threshold. Overwhelming your body with too much pressure at one time can be counterproductive. Communication with the clinician during dry needling treatment is key.
  • Drink adequate amount of water and maintain lose mobility after the appointment. This will aid in dissipation of pain more immediately, while providing proper hydration for the body to heal.
  • Avoid rigorous exercise or excessive stretching following your treatment.
  • Be diligent with the specific therapeutic exercises Dr. Shakya recommends at home to reduce/ prevent future pain and improve function/quality of life.

Are you ready to get started?

If you are in Alexandria, Washington DC, Falls Church, Springfield, or Arlington, VA and want to know more about our dry needling services, don’t hesitate to request an appointment at MMA & Sports Rehab today.

Dry needling can speed up recovery time and allow you to return to your daily life as quickly as possible.

We’ll help you get you started on the path toward recovery!