ACL/Knee Replacement Rehab Arlington, VA

ACL/Knee Replacement Rehab

Jan V.

Ujjwal is the platinum of physical therapists...not just 14 kt gold. He doesn't just turn you over to someone else for strength-training, give you Xerox copies of an exercise program, and merely apply cold packs. He works directly on the muscles to restore blood flow and healing, uses a technique called "dry needled," (no, it doesn't hurt and is apparently used by professionals who receive very specialized training), and gives you hand-drawn and clear pictures of the exercises you are supposed to do at home. He also does taping, recommends reasonably priced equipment to use to support your progress/help eliminate pain (under $20 from Amazon), and uses other equipment that I have never seen at my previous PT's office, but that all helped eliminate the pain that I was experiencing. I was able to complete my rehab for the ACL with Ujjwal in a very short period of time.

Dylan R.

In my many years as an athlete, I can say with confidence that my rehab and treatment with Ujjwal was the best sports medicine experience I have ever had. I rehabbed with Ujjwal for 2-3 months after surgery and made fantastic progress thanks to his knowledge of the body, his ability to provide exercise guidance (and not just the usual run of the mill PT exercises), and a great training regimen. I was impressed by Ujjwal's compassion, attentiveness, and his willingness to answer any questions or concerns. I highly recommend him to anybody who wants attentive therapy and rehabilitation.

Ninaad B.

I recently underwent an ACL reconstruction and double meniscus surgery and upon returning to the DMV area, I continued my physical therapy at MMA & Sports Rehab. I was extremely pleased with the results as I was able to continue where I left off and see great improvements in my range of motion and overall strength. I credit this to the vast knowledge of techniques that Dr. Ujjwal Shakya and his staff possess, as well as the attention they pay to all the patients. They really get to know the patients personally, help set incremental goals along the overall journey, and ensure you leave with a great understanding of how you can continue to help drive progress. I have had a great experience and look forward to continuing my journey to full recovery.

Margot D.

I have nothing but amazing things to say about Dr. Ujjwal. I have had knee issues since 2009 and have gone through dozens of physical therapists and undergone various treatments. 8 years and three surgeries later and I have finally found a physical therapist who actually cares about my well-being. He is the first physical therapist to truly track my health and progress, and not just physically but holistically. I would recommend anyone to him. He is flexible, accommodating, brilliant, and most importantly, effective!

Angela P.

The doctor and his staff are so professional at MMA, and EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE on how to best help me recover. I was so impressed. I had a ski accident on March 27th where I tore my ACL, MCL, sustained a meniscus debridement and fractured my tibia. I highly recommend them.

Leisl L.

This place is awesome!!! Personalized attention!!! Small shop so everyone there knows all the clients by name and really care about your progress towards being pain-free and back to full physical health. I highly recommend!!!

Dimitri D.

MMA & Sports Rehab helped me recover after a knee surgery. Dr. Shakya is very knowledgeable and was able to help me recover in a matter of 6 weeks.

Early mobilization is key for post-op knee surgery. We will educate you on “what to do & what to avoid” with certain activities. Achieving 0 degrees knee extension (straight knee) is very important in order to walk without a limp- which will be the focus during the early phase of rehab.

We follow evidence-based practice with each injury and post-op surgery while using cutting edge technology such as BFR (Blood flow restriction training) for muscle strength and endurance, STEP principle for therapeutic exercises and various Manual Therapy Techniques including Dry Needling, IASTM, Cupping, Taping, Myofascial Release, etc to create a very personalized Rehab Program for you.

We will work closely with your Physician/ Surgeon team to ensure we are on the same page about your progress. We will listen to your goals and progress accordingly while addressing appropriate tissue healing. We see a variety of patient populations from the High-level Professional Athlete to the person whose goals are to walk, garden, and perform regular activities of daily living. We will personalize our rehab program just for you and your goals.

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