Hip Replacement/Labrum Repair Arlington, VA

Hip Replacement/Labrum Repair

Jen G.

I'd been going for therapy elsewhere but it hadn't really helped long term...I'd feel better that day, then as soon as I'd train, my hip would be painful immediately after.

Tyler B. | Professional Soccer Player

Having played soccer professionally in Europe I’ve had experience with a lot of physical trainers, and Dr. Ujjwal is one of the best.

Mel C.

Dr. Ujjwal's method of re-evaluating your progress at intervals helped uncover a torn labrum (pretty badly I might add) in my right hip when I was taking longer than expected to recover.


I was very impressed with the services provided by Dr. Ujjwal Shakya at MMA & Sports Rehab. I tore my hamstring and had to find physical therapy fast.

Kristina J.

Dr. Ujjwal is an amazing doctor; after struggling with hip problems for about 5 years I finally feel like I can really do the things I love again thanks to Dr. Ujjwal.

Adam D.

Dr. Ujjwal, Jaime, and the staff do a great job making you feel comfortable in the PT setting. After my hip surgery, they helped to relieve a lot of the pain.

Usually with Hip surgery, there might be post op precautions with early movement. We will ensure to educate you on post-op precautions so you are safe with movements. We will teach you to walk with walker or crutches or cane (at the early phase -as
necessary) to ensure your safety with mobility. It is also important to discuss certain aspects of safety at home to avoid falls or tripping. We follow evidence-based practice with each injury and post op surgery, while using cutting edge technology such as BFR (Blood flow restriction training) for muscle strength and endurance, STEP principle for therapeutic exercises and various Manual Therapy Techniques including Dry Needling, IASTM, Cupping, Taping, Myofascial Release, etc to create a very personalized Rehab Program for you.

We will work closely with your Physician/ Surgeon team so, we are on the same page about your progress. We will listen to your goals and progress accordingly while addressing appropriate tissue healing. We see variety of patient populations, from the High level Professional Athlete to the person whose goals are to walk, garden and perform regular activities of daily living. We will individualize our rehab program just for you and your goals. Contact us today at our Arlington, VA Physical Therapy center to learn more!