Shoulder Rehab/Rotator Cuff Arlington, VA

Shoulder Rehab/Rotator Cuff

Nick C.

In 8 weeks, Dr. Ujjwal diagnosed, treated, and cured my AC joint compression injury sustained from snowboarding.

Russell S.

After my surgery in September, I contacted Dr. Ujjwal. I can say this has been the place I've been looking for.

We will listen to you and your needs. We believe in educating our patients regarding what to do, what to avoid, and understanding red flag symptoms regarding post-surgery. Each injury and surgery can be different, we work closely with your surgeon office to ensure we are on the same page with your recovery. We will ensure you understand post-op precautions during rehab so that you are safe with movement and facilitate tissue healing.

We follow evidence-based practice with each injury and post-op surgery while using cutting edge technology such as BFR (Blood flow restriction training) for muscle strength and endurance, STEP principle for therapeutic exercises and various Manual Therapy Techniques including Dry Needling, IASTM, Cupping, Taping, Myofascial Release, etc to create a very personalized Rehab Program for you. We see a variety of patient populations from the High-level Professional Athlete to the person whose goals are to walk, garden and perform regular activities of daily living. We will personalize our rehab program just for you and your goals.

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