Sports Taping

Sports Taping Arlington, VA

Whether you are an athlete competing at the highest level or someone looking to find relief from your daily activities, sports tape might be right for you! Thousands of Americans are experiencing powerful results from this state-of-the-art technique.

Sports taping utilizes a strong, flexible “tape” that is activated by body heat. When properly applied, it provides stability and support to the joints and surrounding muscles and improves circulation while still allowing for a full range of motion.


How does Sports Taping work?

By pulling the skin away from tight muscles, blood flow and body fluid can circulate through the injured area more efficiently. This decreases inflammation and speeds up the natural healing process. Many physical therapists, athletic trainers, physicians, and athletes are using sports tape to maintain exercise when injured.

At MMA & Sports Rehab, our physical therapists are experts in evaluating your pain and can provide effective taping strategies to improve joint stability and enhance your performance. Contact us at Arlington, VA center for more information on how we can help you live pain-free!

Common conditions we treat:

Kinesiology Taping


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Different Types of Kinesiology Taping Techniques to improve stabilization/ pain control/ muscle activation/ control swelling/ etc