Category: Dry Needling

Cameron L.

Nov9th 2020

I wish I'd found Dr. Ujjwal Shakya earlier in my recovery. In the short time that I have worked with him, I have improved beyond my expectations. Dr. Ujjwal's approach to physical therapy is ideal for athletes wanting to get back to their pre-injury form. Dr. Ujjwal has helped me regain strength, focus, and flexibility through a combination of exercises, massage, and dry needling. I actually look forward to my PT appointments.

Travis B. | Professional Golfer

Nov9th 2020

Dr. Ujjwal Shakya has been doing an outstanding job working with me. His dry needling and manual therapy are phenomenal. I have been to many PTs in the past and Doc exceeds any that I have worked in.

Haider H.

Nov9th 2020

Dr. Ujjwal built a highly customized program and employed a variety of different methods to improve my alignment and mobility. In my case, dry needling was the game-changer that loosened up muscles that previously felt like rocks. He completely repaired my misaligned leg by methodically needling interrelated muscles. The human body's biomechanics is complicated and Dr. Ujjwal identified the many areas from calf to hip that had to be treated in order to improve alignment. Dr. Ujjwal was highly receptive to feedback and would adjust his treatment accordingly based on the results achieved.