Category: Elbow/Wrist/Hand

Christine G.

Nov9th 2020

More about my situation- I am a 50-year-old woman who started with Dr. Ujjwal in mid-February after having fallen on the ice in early January requiring surgery to repair both bones in my right arm at the wrist. With the fall and surgery essentially damaging all the associated wrist, hand, lower arm muscles, tendons, and ligaments (in addition to the bones) I had virtually no use of my right hand and wrist after the surgery cast came off. So the bone was healed but....When we first started therapy I literally could not hold a coffee cup, let alone lift an empty coffee cup off the counter. Dr. Ujjwal used manual manipulation to open the wrist joint and assist with loosening and stretching to get greater mobility. He also arranged a progressive exercise regime to build strength and range of motion. Each week he and his assistant evaluated my progress by testing my strength and range of motion compared to my "good" hand/wrist and added new exercises for me to do in their office (monitored to make sure I was doing them properly) and then to continue to do at home twice a day between our office visits. In the last two months I have gained nearly full functionality and I will be graduating soon.

Jennifer H.

Nov9th 2020

Dr. U is great -- he was very helpful with managing pregnancy-related Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. While CTS will likely stay until I deliver, Dr. U helped me with exercises and stretches and a few other techniques that have helped me greatly!

Brad Y.

Nov9th 2020

I went to Dr. Ujjwal for work-related wrist pain a few weeks ago. You expect a therapist to help you recover. However, I was impressed that Dr. Ujjwal not only got me back to lifting in a month but also taught me to rehab the injury at home (reducing the number of visits I might pay him for). Honestly, he and the staff are highly skilled and committed to the well-being of clients and holistic healing.