Adrian W.

Nov9th 2020

MMA & Sports Rehab is a small, family-owned business that gives back to the local community. Dr. Ujjwal is a phenomenal health care professional and person. His staff is timely and eager to assist in your rehab journey. I’m a former Division 1 athlete and my body finally gave out on me after years of physical activity. I had a full Achilles tear occur during a soccer game in early May 2018 and surgery 3 weeks later.

Dr. Ujjwall creates a custom recovery plan for each patient and makes sure to not overbook appointments so that the patient receives personalized care. Dr. Ujjwal and staff are very passionate about their area of expertise and constantly keep up with innovative recovery techniques. One really cool modern technique used to help speed up my recovery time is the Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) therapy. The BFR system resembles a blood pressure cuff and is placed on an injured limb to safely reduce blood flow to the limb while the patient performs specific low load exercises. This helps to mimic High-Intensity exercises and reduce muscle loss. Ultimately, it speeds up recovery time! Really cool stuff.

I’m happy to report that just one year later, I’m at 100 percent. I’m back on the soccer field and I still have explosiveness and speed which is essential to my playing style. I don’t have any complications and have gained full confidence back. Thank you, Dr. Ujjwal and staff. You’ve done a fantastic job!