Allyson A.

Nov9th 2020

I cannot say enough about our positive experience with MMA & Sports Rehab and Dr. Ujjwal. We went initially because my daughter had injured herself–it was clear the injury was in the lower back–her pain was level 10 and we had difficulty getting an actual diagnosis. X-rays did not provide clear results. We were having difficulty getting into orthopedic practices on short notice. At 3:30am one morning when she was in agony I weighted options: we could go to the ER (I have very little confidence in meaningful results there) or I could search out an orthopedic manual therapist, a specialty I have great respect for from my own medical history. In this area, there are not many, and of all the credentials posted online, Dr. Ujjwal’s looked the best. So I called and I am so thankful I did.

He saw us immediately. He is quite knowledgeable, but even better he paid attention to her. He put her through a series of physical movements to ascertain what was going on. He determined it could not be the sacrum–what others had suggested–but was the coccyx. It was shifted to the left–visibly so. I was impressed and have remained so that he not only looks at the scans (MRI) or x-rays we bring (and he looks very carefully), but he looks at the body. 

On his advice, we found someone who could put the coccyx back in place. Following that, we have been coming to him for exercises to strengthen the coccyx, but also other joints which we found had issues. His entire staff has been friendly and professional. He always talks to my daughter and listens to her  and treats her as a person. And the exercises he gives have been helpful.

We will continue to seek out Dr. Ujjwal’s counsel and assistance anytime we need PT.