Andrew P.

Dec2nd 2016

Ujjwal provided me with my best experience for recovering from a sports injury that I have ever had. I got injured in jiu jitsu, couldn’t turn or tilt my neck, I thought it would go away I went back to training it got worse to the point where I would try and do a simple take down and my entire right arm would go numb and tingly, I was having spasms and I couldn’t do a single push up or lift a 20 pound dumbell press with my right arm, after one single session the spasms went away. After 2 sessions I was able to do a few push ups again. I visited him consistently for a month and was back in training from an injury that I was genuinely concerned might require surgery. He was extremely good about explaining to me in simple terms what caused my injury and what to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He’s also a phenomenal guy to be around very friendly, very professional he’s very trust worthy he won’t lie to you about the state of your condition. All around he’s outstanding I have been to a lot of other doctors and physical therapists for injuries in the past, Ujjwal is by far the best I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.