Anna S.

Dec2nd 2016

I came to Ujjwal after dealing with two chronic injuries for over two years, one in my shoulder and one in my IT band. I had worked with different physical therapists before and tried everything from letting the injuries rest to mild exercise for strengthening the muscles again, but nothing seemed to be working. After working with Ujjwal for just 2 and half months, I have finally seen significant improvement in both of my injuries after two years of minimal change and am slowly starting to get back to my normal level of activity and exercise with is very encouraging. He does a great job of treating the areas in person during the sessions, and explained everything that was going on in detail which I very much appreciated. He was also very helpful in giving me effective exercises I could do at home on my own time that have also helped significantly. I can tell that Ujjwal definitely cares for his patients and will give them all of the care and information needed so that the injuries may heal as quickly and as efficiently as possible. I would highly recommend him as a physical therapist.