Catherine W.

Nov2nd 2020

Pushed by my husband to MMA to work on shoulder issues. I thought as an aging athlete (tennis, soccer, etc) — whose high pressure professional job keeps me tied to my computer screen except when I can be a weekend warrior — I would have to live with increasing pain and restricted movement. But no. Enter Dr. Ujjwal Shakya. Over the past 1.5 months he has used myofascial massage (thumbs of steel) and later dry needling to get at the real problem. I have seen actual improvements in my shoulder and neck mobility during the sessions. He gave me multiple exercises to strengthen at home. Really appreciate that he respects my athletic goals and expectations and is working with me to get everything (both shoulders, neck, hips, knees, balance) in top working order. Techniques and PT knowledge at MSR are first rate. He and his colleagues are friendly, easy going yet dedicated. With my marked progress and his can-do attitude, I now think that I can go beyond simply eliminating pain/shoulder restriction and progress to getting into peak athletic condition (for my age). Would highly recommend MMA & Sports Rehab.