Christine G.

Nov9th 2020

I highly recommend Dr. Ujjwal Shakya and his team because they get results! They:
A) Take a comprehensive approach to your injury (e.g. If your wrist is broken then you are compensating in other areas that also need exercise and attention – not just your wrist).
B) Are top notch medical professionals who really know how to rehab people using proper exercises, massage, manual manipulation and other techniques (dry needling, cupping etc.) & they measure your progress with scientific precision adding new exercises and techniques as you progress.
C) They really care about their patients & work with you to get the results you need and want. The practice has the feel of a family and it is really comfortable which is super nice since you are spending two or three hours a week there!

More about my situation- I am a 50-year-old woman who started with Dr. Ujjwal in mid-February after having fallen on the ice in early January requiring surgery to repair both bones in my right arm at the wrist. With the fall and surgery essentially damaging all the associated wrist, hand, lower arm muscles, tendons, and ligaments (in addition to the bones) I had virtually no use of my right hand and wrist after the surgery cast came off. So the bone was healed but….When we first started therapy I literally could not hold a coffee cup, let alone lift an empty coffee cup off the counter. 

Dr. Ujjwal used manual manipulation to open the wrist joint and assist with loosening and stretching to get greater mobility. He also arranged a progressive exercise regime to build strength and range of motion. Each week he and his assistant evaluated my progress by testing my strength and range of motion compared to my “good” hand/wrist and added new exercises for me to do in their office (monitored to make sure I was doing them properly) and then to continue to do at home twice a day between our office visits. In the last two months I have gained nearly full functionality and I will be graduating soon.

In addition to my great results, I had the pleasure of seeing other patients come in and out thanking Dr. Ujjwal for their amazing progress. So I wasn’t the only one getting great results. But full disclosure: to get great results you must listen to Dr. Ujjwal and be diligent about doing your exercises at home!

And finally, I want to give a shot out to Daniella, the office administrator. She is very kind, efficient, and made the “business” part of the relationship very easy.

If you are looking for a personalized experience with results, then MMA is the place for you. If I ever need PT again, this is where I will be going!