Dan V. | MMA Athlete

Nov2nd 2020

I went to MMA & Sports Rehab with a laundry list of dings and dents (arthritis and meniscus damage in my knee, wrist damage, shoulder pain, and more) from training Muay Thai and lifting weights. I had been unable to squat or deadlift for months and even walking down stairs was a chore. Dr. Ujjwal explained everything in detail, set a plan in motion, and I began seeing results immediately. Within 2 weeks I was walking downstairs pain-free for the first time in a year. Within a month I was deadlifting and performing weighted squats, something the orthopaedic doctor I visited said I would likely not be able to do again. My shoulder pain has disappeared (I’ve previously needed cortisone shots) and my wrists are stronger than ever. On top of the results, Drs. Ujjwal, Jen, Mike, their PTA Jon, even the front office staff, all genuinely care about my success and well being. Dr. Jen even goes so far as to program workouts for me to do at home between sessions, as exercise is crucial to my weight loss goals (118lbs lost as of the time of this writing). I never thought I would be able to burn calories, get stronger, and achieve my physical therapy goals all at the same time but MMA & Sports Rehab have met and exceeded my expectations.