Daniel | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Nov9th 2020

As an active practitioner of it, I’m both the most fit I’ve been in years– and the most banged up.  Almost every time I go to see a medical professional about a nagging injury that’s escalated, I invariably have to repeat the same litany of what BJJ is, why I would keep doing it knowing the risks of injury, how exactly this latest injury occurred, etc.  It’s tedious an nauseum.  

But not here.  Dr. Ujjwal, as a martial artist himself, is well versed in the biomechanics and the dynamic vectors of movement required in functional martial arts like Muay Thai and BJJ.  I came to him after a grade 2 tear of my MCL.  I never had a knee injury to this extent before so I was apprehensive and anxious.  No BS here.  “Oh you’re hurt.  Let’s figure it out and get you back at it.” Over the course of these past couple of weeks, Dr. Ujjwal helped me regain range of motion, strength, and confidence in my injured knee through an exercise regimen that gradually increased in difficulty and intensity.  

One of the most interesting aspects of my rehab program was Dr. Ujjwal’s use of the Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) machine– a technology that professional sports organizations currently employ in treating their athletes.  By restricting the blood flow in a targeted area, it essentially magnifies the physiological result of effort exerted in the affected area and consequently accelerates healing.  Thanks in no small part to this nifty thing, I’m back on the mats after only about five weeks with Dr. Ujjwal (my orthopedist initially ballparked me for eight weeks).  Left to my own devices, I would have been certainly worse for the wear.  

My last point is an economic one.  MMA & Sports Rehab is a small, family-owned business that gives back to the local community.  Considering medical costs today and the vast, faceless, medical conglomerates who typically prosper most from the economics of health care, it feels nice knowing that my business supports Dr. Ujjwal and his growing practice.  If you are an athletic person looking to safely bounce back from an injury to get back doing what you love, check this place out.