Davis W.

Nov9th 2020

In March of 2019, I severely broke my ankle and required ORIF surgery, inserting 20 screws and two plates, to fixate the bones back in place. I was told by my surgeon that I may never be able to walk correctly again. After almost two months in a hard cast I was cleared to begin seeing a PT. At the start my leg was emaciated to the point of being able to see the bones and hardware clearly with no visible muscle on the leg below the knee. I was told by many, including the surgeon himself, that “if” I recovered correctly after a year or two I would be able to begin high impact activities such as jogging or sports. I am happy to report only 7.5 months into my recovery I was cleared to and have been participating in high impact activities at nearly full health for the last two months. Without the dedication and commitment of Dr. U’s team I would still be under restrictions and have limited mobility per the timeline laid out by my surgeon. These guys truly care about their patients and put in the time and effort even when I can tell they may be tired or having a long day. They work with high-performance athletes all the way down to little children. Look no further, you’ve found your home for recovery.