Don C. | Weight Lifter

Nov9th 2020

I owe Dr. Ujjwal and his staff a big note of THANKS!!  I highly recommend MMA & Sports Rehab!

If you’re looking for a great physical therapy – rehab practice that knows their stuff and can address a multi-faceted set of physical mobility and pain issues….ALL ROADS STOP HERE!!

I have been coming to MMA & Sports Rehab for several months now and have seen nothing but steady, continued progress and reduced pain from muscle and back (Scapula/rhomboid) related issues– both stemming from years of physical fitness activity and my work-related environment in the IT/Computer Engineering field. You name it, I have had many athletic sprains, injuries, knots, and pain in the past.  Many of which I was able to resolve on my own.  However, my latest issues were causing significant back pain and becoming problematic for me to the point where even simple daily tasks were difficult.  And, my gym workouts and exercise frequency was little to none.  I knew I needed a professional to help me out.  

Before writing this review, I wanted to take some time to see what the overall experience would be like MMA & Sports Rehab compared to other PT – Rehab offices I’ve visited around the DMV which either was a waste of my time, offered questionable treatments and/or little to no results.  One thing I can say for sure, this was totally not the case here at MMA Rehab!

What I like most about MMA & Sports Rehab….is that you are treated on a case-by-case basis. There is no templated, one-size fits all therapy here.  Based on your condition and problem, your therapy plan is customized to your needs. This is something that raises them above other rehab professionals and my previous doctor. At my previous PT office for example, everyone in the office was prescribed warming pads upon arriving, CMT electric pads midway and basic stretches upon leaving. This did nothing for me or my issues and seemed common across most PT offices I visited.

Enters in MMA & Sports Rehab.  After a year of dealing with back pain, limited range of motion, constant tension headaches, and lessen gym activity…something had to give.  Upon the first visit to Dr. Ujjwal and his very first evaluation of my issues….I knew he was very knowledgeable and experienced in sports performance / work related injuries.  He listened intently and assessed my problem accurately; without me steering the evaluation or mentioning conclusions made by previous Doctors/PT offices from the past….and believe me there have been many over the years!  This is when I knew I found the right person for the sake of my individual health and wellness team.   

In a nutshell, we discussed an action plan comprised of various treatments, exercises and several visits.  I stayed the course and remained patient under his guidance and treatment sessions…..and now, I can say a significant degree of the pain that I was dealing with was eliminated and I have seen nothing but steady progress since.  Each visit and the progression following has gotten better.  I have less pain and my gym workouts are back on par!  The treatments consisting of dry needling, trigger point massage/release and the exercises prescribed have proven to be effective. 

In addition, his entire team is awesome!  Aside from working with Dr. Ujjwal, I have been working with his PT Specialist Jamie. She is the best!!  And, by all means, she knows her stuff.  She is very knowledgeable and hands-on about addressing various conditions. She is a great exercise and functional training coach as well.  Sometimes I feel like I’m getting a “2 for 1 Deal at MMA Rehab”….1 Part -Therapy and 1-Part Trainer; because not only she is able to address my muscle-pain related issues…she also puts you to work with the best, sometimes tough exercises to benefit your recovery.  I’ve learned some great body weight (at home) exercises through her and Dr Ujjwal.  And, trust me…her Tabata routines and prescribed exercises will have you feeling the burn or “glistening” as we both jokingly call it! lol

In all, I have nothing but great things to say about MMA & Sports Rehab.  You truly are treated with respect as a patient.  The collaborative practitioner-to-patient environment that MMA Rehab fosters is touch notch!  You genuinely get the feeling that everyone wants to see you thrive, leave in better condition than you were before, and eventually heal-recover in the process. 

I highly recommend MMA & Sports Rehab and Dr. Ujjwal!  He and the entire team…including Daniella (his Office Manager) are the best in DMV area…constant Pros!!   

Finding a place that offered a consistent, routine-approach to my recovery was exactly what I needed….and I found it at MMA & Sports Rehab.