Dylan R.

Nov9th 2020

I had surgery on a torn Meniscus in April 2016 and came to see Ujjwal a few days after the operation. In my many years as an athlete, I can say with confidence that my rehab and treatment with Ujjwal was the best sports medicine experience I have ever had. I rehabbed with Ujjwal for 2-3 months after surgery and made fantastic progress thanks to his knowledge of the body, his ability to provide exercise guidance (and not just the usual run of the mill PT exercises), and a great training regimen. I was impressed by Ujjwal’s compassion, attentiveness, and his willingness to answer any questions or concerns. He was also very easy to schedule with as he was always willing to figure out a time where I could get in to see him. This included Sundays and even a few Saturdays.

I have been to many other PT clinics before for various sports injuries and usually found them to off-putting in their nature. They often feel a bit like a factory operation, with dozens of patients coming in and out, and the therapists frequently apathetic after the first two weeks of your training. Ujjwal was the exact opposite. I highly recommend him to anybody who wants attentive therapy and rehabilitation.