Fess C.

Dec2nd 2016

A few months ago, I started experiencing sharp pain and weakness in my right shoulder while training in my Muay Thai Classes at Pentagon MMA. At the sound advice of others I had my shoulder looked at by Ujjwal and he discovered that I have tendonitis and problems with my posture and range of motion. I started seeing Ujjwal on a regular basis to work on physical therapy and rehab with a series of exercises to strengthen my shoulder to increase stability and also work on correcting my posture to give me more range of motion with my punches. I highly recommend Ujjwal to anyone who is dealing with or nursing a shoulder injury and needs assistance. Recently, the pain in my right shoulder has subsided and I continue to work on my posture and flexibility daily. And I am fortunate because I might have injured my shoulder more if I hadn’t been patient and taken the necessary precaution and steps to let it heal and recover. Ujjwal takes care of his patients and he knows what he is doing.