Haider H.

Nov9th 2020

I’ve done physical therapy in the past as a result of separate injuries to my shoulder, ankle, and calf. The experiences were pretty underwhelming. I went to larger scale facilities where individual attention was minimal. Physical therapy programs seemed to be routine and I felt like I was going through the motions and not reaching my previous strength and mobility.

Fast forward to a few years ago when I got in a bike accident and injured the right side of my body due to a hard fall. I didn’t even pursue PT due to my past experiences. Meanwhile, I developed a leg alignment problem as well as major shoulder mobility limitations. I tried stretching and foam rolling but I never made real progress. I decided I needed to solve my alignment problems so I started to scan physical therapy reviews and most facilities fit the profile of the PT’s that felt more like factories that I described earlier. I decided to give MMA a try due to reviews thinking I’d only go a couple of times after what would probably be another bad experience.

I’m happy to say that I had the exact opposite of my past experiences. Dr. Ujjwal built a highly customized program and employed a variety of different methods to improve my alignment and mobility. In my case, dry needling was the game-changer that loosened up muscles that previously felt like rocks. He completely repaired my misaligned leg by methodically needling interrelated muscles. The human body’s biomechanics is complicated and Dr. Ujjwal identified the many areas from calf to hip that had to be treated in order to improve alignment. Dr. Ujjwal was highly receptive to feedback and would adjust his treatment accordingly based on the results achieved.

Besides actually solving my alignment problems it was a delight to work with him and his staff. Everyone was friendly and easy to deal with and staff were incredibly responsive either by phone or email. Parking is easy and there are no lines to deal with compared to the larger facilities.

If you’re like me and gave up on healing due to failed experiences give Dr. Ujjwal a try at MMA.