Jan M.

Dec1st 2016

Dr. Ujjwal Shakya was highly recommended by my physical therapist in Texas when I moved to the area. I had been in PT for over a year to improve strength and pain following a second ACL reconstruction. Ujjwal is the platinum of physical therapists…not just 14 kt gold. He doesn’t just turn you over to someone else for strength-training, give you Xerox copies of an exercise program, and merely apply cold packs. He works directly on the muscles to restore blood flow and healing, uses a technique called “dry needling,” (no, it doesn’t hurt and is apparently used by professionals who receive very specialized training), and gives you hand-drawn and clear pictures of the exercises you are supposed to do at home. He also does taping, recommends reasonably priced equipment to use to support your progress/help eliminate pain (under $20 from Amazon), and uses other equipment that I have never seen at my previous PT’s office, but that all helped eliminate the pain that I was experiencing.

I was able to complete my rehab for the ACL with Ujjwal in a very short period of time. However, about four months later I felt a pop and PAIN in my calf when I stretched to reach something. I had to call off of work because I couldn’t put any weight on my leg. It hurt so badly that I didn’t want to move from my bed, but I knew I had to get to a doctor. A friend came with crutches, but it hurt too much to dangle that leg when I stood on my other. I finally thought to call Ujjwal and he told me what to do and walked me through some exercises/stretches and I was finally able to experience some relief. Within about 30 minutes I could walk with crutches and apply some weight on the heel of my foot. I got to the orthopedic who diagnosed a tear, and started PT with Ujjwal the next day. With one treatment, I felt significantly better and could walk without crutches.

The other thing I should note is….I drive an hour+ to see him. Well worth it! I rely on his expertise and knowledge more than any physician. Plus….what MD do you know that will respond immediately, during off-hours, to your phone call and be able to help you deal with a medical issue right then? He is friendly, compassionate and an overall great guy. I give him my highest recommendation.