Jason H. | MMA Athlete

Nov2nd 2020

Been going to MMA Sports Rehab since about April for a combination of knee, lower back, shoulder and TMJ issues. Ever since I started back in April, their entire team has gone above and beyond to providing relief to those issues as well as teaching me the proper techniques and exercises to ensure that they don’t return.

I initially reached out as their office was very close to the Muay Thai/Jiu Jitsu studio, Pentagon MMA, that I have been going to for the 2 years. I was mostly interested in dealing with consistent pain that stemmed from the intense exercises, that had been exacerbated by a very sedentary working life. After going over the troubles I had been having, they quickly came up with with an approach geared towards my background to ensure that the consistent pain went away. Every session consisted of a consultation over any pains that I had been having, followed by some very effective exercise that targeted my points of weakness, some dry needling, and then some specific exercise geared towards Muay Thai that improved my form to ensure that I wouldn’t make the same mistakes that lead to the pain. Overall my situation in those areas has greatly improved and I have seen massive improvements in how I feel during and after a Muay Thai class as well as my general day-to-day.

I later learned that Physical Therapy could help with TMJ, a constant issue that I have been mostly ignoring for years now. I was absolutely convinced that it would be something I would have to deal with for the rest of my life, but after going over some exercises and several rounds of dry needling, I have noticed a drastic improvement and a substantial loss in the amount of pain.

Dr. Urjwal, Mike, Jen and Jon are all amazing people to work with. They are more than happy to do the exercises with you to ensure that they are being done correctly, and have gone above and beyond with their one-on-one help during each session. Thank you so much for giving me the time and focus to vastly improve my quality of life. Highly recommend MMA Sports Rehab to anyone, especially if they want to work with people who treat you more like a neighbor or friend rather than just a weekly visitor.