Jen G.

Nov9th 2020

I first started seeing Ujjwal for left hip pain earlier in the year which I had been feeling constantly in my left hip flexor area and in my general hip area for a good while. I’d been going for therapy elsewhere but it hadn’t really helped long term…I’d feel better that day, then as soon as I’d train, my hip would be painful immediately after.

Within the first three visits with Ujjwal he expressed concern that I may have a labral tear, which was confirmed with an MRI. After getting the labral tear treated, I resumed my physical therapy sessions with Ujjwal to work on strengthening my hips and general core area, increase my balance, and to reduce the inflammation and spasming that was occurring. During this time I was not supposed to kick or do other motions that would rotate and compress my hips a lot.

Fast forward to the present…after the past few months of various hip and core exercises for strengthening and balancing, manual release, in addition to dry needling (it works wonders) I am now able to practice kicks again! I also am not experiencing the lower back pain I used to constantly have, I feel stronger, and I’ve been able to box without discomfort from pivots and rotating.

I couldn’t be happier with my progress, I definitely recommend Ujjwal if you’re in need of a physical therapist! He’s not only knowledgeable but listens to what you say and cares about his patients.