Jessica Y.

Nov9th 2020

Once you go to MMA & Sports Rehab you’ll never want to go anywhere else! I’ve been meaning to write this review for quite some time as it’s been about 2 years since my last visit, but I promise this is a good thing! Dr. Ujewal is the most knowledgeable and professional PT I’ve seen. If you are accountable and actually do the exercises he gives you, you will see results. Dr. Ujewal was recommended to me by my trainer as I’d been struggling with lower back injuries for a number of years. At least once a year I was immobile for at least a month. Upon seeing Dr. Ujewal for the first time, I had been dealing with another back injury for about a month already. This time the pain was not going away. Dr. Ujjwal diagnosed the issue within 10 minutes of me walking in the door and prescribed some exercises for me to do at the office and to work on at home between visits. Over time (which wasn’t that long, it felt that way to me bc I’d been struggling for a month before coming here) the team gradually worked me back up so I could partake in my normal exercise routine. Since then, I’ve incorporated a number of these exercises into my daily exercise routine and I’m sad, but grateful to say I have not had any issues since!