Jorge G.

Dec1st 2016

I have been in PT a few times and know the difference between large companies that are time limited and use training assistants to help with your therapy due to large amount of patients. This time I had a case of facial nerve paralysis and went for PT to a local center but after three sessions I decided to quit since didn’t see any progress and was told just to do exercises for 20 min. It was my neurologist who recommended me to see Dr. Shakya since he also used his services before and was very pleased. It was almost an hour drive sometimes with traffic but well worth it. You get a very personalized treatment since you are with Dr. Shakya the whole time during therapy. From the first visit I was very comfortable with the service and decided to stay with him for the whole process. He keeps good tracking of your progress and keeps you informed the whole time. Dr. Shakya shares with you his knowledge and gives you good advise to get better and maintain good health. He makes sure to answer any question you may have and works with you on your recovery. I like his dedication and can say we have become friends. The staff is very friendly and makes you feel you are really cared about.