Nov9th 2020

Mid January 2017 I was diagnosed with a herniated disc between C3 & C4.  Been struggling with the pain day in and day out.  My medical condition was not serious enough for surgery but aggravating enough to trigger pain while doing even the most normal things such as laundry, walking, lifting groceries to standing for a long period of time.  I was never the pill popping type but found myself taking anti-inflammatories daily just to keep the pain at bay.

After reading a few Yelp reviews on other Physical Therapy places including this one…I decided to try physical therapy for the FIRST time with MMA & Sports Rehab.  I’ve been seeing Dr. Ujjwal  twice a week since April 9th and still currently seeing him.  The intervention of MMA & Sports Rehab has made my herniated disc much more manageable,  made my headache disappear completely and is now 70% better than I was before.  Currently NOT taking any pain pills and now able to work a 11 hour shift without pain.  My PT journey is a work in progress.

The care I received from Dr. Ujjwal was nothing short of Top Quality!!  He treat each and everyone of his patients with care and with the upmost respect.  Very, very, knowledgeable and accommodating. Scheduling was so easy and very flexible.  From his personalized home workouts, manual therapy to other specialized techniques I can actually say I am almost back to normal.  The staff at MMA were all very kind, professional, and welcoming.  MMA is metro accessible.  The facility is very, very, clean *hint explains why they tell you to take off your shoes before walking through the facility.  The upkeep of the facility & intense care they put into all their patients says a lot about an establishment.  Highly recommend them- hands down!!