Mel C.

Nov9th 2020

I struggled for >4 years with front-shoulder pain and 3 years with IT band pain and was not able to do even basic things like bodyweight exercises or running/biking. Only after coming here and going through the combination of manual therapy and exercises have I gotten close to being back to working out again.

VERY IMPORTANTLY, Dr. Ujjwal’s method of re-evaluating your progress at intervals helped uncover a torn labrum (pretty badly I might add) in my right hip when I was taking longer than expected to recover. He also took the time to educate me on my injuries and how to manage them intelligently. As part of your recovery, Dr. Ujjwal and team ask you about your goals and work with you to achieve them – something I feel is very important to keep you motivated.

One thing I think would help make treatment even better would be to increase focus on common mistakes or compensatory movements that patients make while performing a strengthening exercise. This could be helpful for people with longstanding injuries and might not know they are compensating and impeding their progress as a result.

While I have not fully recovered from my injuries, I am in the least amount of pain I’ve been in years, and continue to work towards that goal. That I am here today is due very much to Dr. Ujjwal and Mike’s care. Thank you very much!!