Nick C.

Nov9th 2020

Huh, why does a small, neighborhood PT shop have a 5-star average? Because they’re the real deal!

In 8 weeks, Dr. Ujjwal diagnosed, treated, and cured my AC joint compression injury sustained from snowboarding (aka, crashing with my full weight onto my shoulder…uber painful).  

He listened carefully, tested my pain progression *every* session, and applied a) sound physical exercises, b) dry-needling, c) manual therapy/massage techniques, and d) kinesio taping.  And when we ran into a few insurance challenges on my end, he deftly intervened and helped cut through the bureaucratic red tape. 

On top of it all, the admin staff is super kind, and the whole office has “we’re in this together” feeling.  Not at all sterile or corporate feeling.