Nick M.

Nov2nd 2020

I can’t thank MMA & Sports Rehab enough! I started therapy with them after I broke my ankle a few months ago and am already back to doing many of the activities that I was doing before the injury. Dr. Ujjwal and his team are fantastic, they really take the time to get to know you and build out a therapy program that will allow you to return to the things were doing before.

As a snowboard instructor it was important for me to not only recover from the injury and regain my mobility, but also to feel confident that I could get back to level of teaching and riding that I’m accustomed to. I got that AND MORE from my therapy at MMA & Sports Rehab!

Each member of the staff is highly knowledgeable and professional, bringing different approaches and expertise to the sessions. Their wholistic approach to recovery helped me to build back strength, mobility, and balance, while improving my technique and knowledge for the various movements and exercises.

Huge Thanks again to Dr. Ujjwal, Dr. Mike, Dr. Jen, Jon, and the rest of the staff! I highly recommend MMA & Sports Rehab to anyone who needs PT, you will leave each session feeling better, more confident, and more capable than you came.