Patricia C.

Dec2nd 2016

I went to see Dr. Ujjwal after a snowboard accident. I had neck, groin, right shoulder & wrist pain. My groin was already injured 2 years ago and I also have hip bursitis. I was previously referred to a different PT clinic but I did not feel better. With Dr. Ujjwal, I was thoroughly evaluated on the first day from head to toe, he took notes & told me what was wrong and how he can help me get better. He focused and prioritized on the important parts first and tried to incorporate other exercises to strengthen other muscles.This is the BEST treatment I have received from a PT. Everyone in this place is nice and courteous. It’s a warm and friendly place.

I feel better now. We’re still working on strengthening my muscles. The exercises really do help (you just need to do them often & make time for it). 

***PT Sessions are offered during some Saturdays and Sundays too 🙂